Artist Statement – Jun’ichiro ISHII

By Jun’ichiro ISHII
Artist: Jun’ichiro ISHII

Introduction: ART as a Communication Tool
For me, ‘ART’ signifies an individual attitude in society. When people gather together, the idea of ‘another’ appears. The notion of a relationship between others will encourage the concept of ’social’. My art activities are between you and me, and function as a communication tool.

Background: The Epoch of the Globalization
Today, our bare social reality has caught up with the epoch of the empirical, transformative condition called globalization. Currently in modern society, all our social fate; the customs, experiences, politics, economics and environment have engaged in this reciprocal relationship ‘complex connectivity’. From a cultural point of view, I am interested in the social phenomenon which this complex connectivity brings about.

Activity: Cultural Sketch
My creation begins from the observation of usual culture. I trust that the most banal, routine and seemingly meaningless practices of everyday life contain the most integral essence of culture. And the process of finding the integral cultural essence or the local cultural peculiarity is my artistic motif. My creation begins from seeking of this cultural peculiarity in the site.

I adopt mainly installation, but not just installing the works which has already completed in a studio. Rather, adding minimum transformation to the peculiarity of the site, I am representing it as site-specific work. To precisely grasp pure impression of the site, I do not have formal methods. Most of my works do not seem connected, both in terms of materials and the completed form. However, by adding a symbolic form to the peculiarity, I am trying to shift unconscious image into a concrete vision. It is like an unusual interpretation of the usual practice or more like a cultural sketch.

To cover the temporariness of this site-specific works, I employ the video art. It is not only for archive, but independently works as an art piece which gives another perspective from different angles.

Artist Statement:
Observations of local cultural activities can be seen as observations of a globalizing society. Since I intend to see art as a representation of individual attitudes in society, I believe that I should develop my cultural awareness via practical trans-cultural experiences. Our institutional social environments are developing, more attune to the various individual needs and demands to which have independent autonomies. In this individualizing environment of today, we cannot deny a possibility that our personal casual actions may cause unexpected reactions in the physical across long distances. Rushed cultural installing might be an unaware violence of the modernity sometimes. Not only exhibiting art works unilaterally, I am trying to focus on more usual, and more unusual local cultural peculiarities. Also, I am wishing to broaden my perceptions of culture and cultivate the degree of cultural awareness via this intercultural creative process. This individual self-cultural practice is the core of my artistic motivation. And this is my personal attitude in the globalizing society.
-Jun’ichiro ISHII