Aside of Audience


Aside of Audience is a 3-channel video installation consisting of arranged scenes of interviews of 108 people who were asked to act as a professional artist and talk about their works that did not exist. They were also requested to discuss about, but not limited to, the problem of communication between art works and audiences and the roles the artists played in the society. Since they merely acted as an artist, the answers they provided do not represent a true artist’s point of view, but rather reflect socially accepted idea about artists, which in turn reveal, in some sense, prejudice toward or fantasy on artists in general.

This particular video clip is a documentation of the video installation that has been edited. Despite short in duration, the video clip speaks out well the essence of the message that Mioon strives to deliver. In addition, with its real installation view, the clip offers an interesting indirect experience of not only the reversed roles between the viewer(s) and the performer(s), but also a blurred situation between inside and outside the screen at the exhibition site.

Duration: 4’00” (original video runs for 18’00”)