A Tale of Common Things
by Eric De Leon Zamuco
at Opening of Puzzling (a) Space
on 3 Sept. 2010

About A Tale of Common Things

A Tale of Common Things is a performance piece by Eric De Leon Zamuco, which was conducted at the opening of Puzzling (a) Space at the Hillyer Art Space on September 3, 2010. As a part of his mixed-media installation of the same title, this performance piece deals with ideas of identity, which the artist constantly pays attention to as a Filipino living in the US.

The installation on which Zamuco performed is a sculpture that is a combination of 5 years worth of soap used by the artist, a 24 ft. light box propped-up by a number of toddler chairs. Zamuco’s interest in cultural associations in the everyday object brings to light the common soap as a colonial commodity. In the 1900’s, a soap print ad appeared to promote the “whitening” of the “unenlightened” Filipino. He performs with this piece to link this past reference to the present.

He sat at one of the ends of the installation, his torso rested on his thighs, head bowed down and primarily focused on his feet. The position could be described as being in total submission. His feet were in a basin with no water and no soap. He wrote instead on his feet for three hours, a metaphorical gesture with Christian allusions. Zamuco says the written text on his feet makes them dirty, hence a kind of “unwashing,” but it is cathartic and confessional, in a sense, a kind of “washing.”

Written repetitively on his feet were the words “There are people who ate my people like bread,” but in varying tenses. They were written in English on his left foot but in Filipino on his right. He explained, “I was pertaining to the American imperial past, contemporary interventionism and my own culture’s social ills. The realization of the commonness of the inhumane, among cultures, sets in,”



by banished? productions
at Opening of Desirable Fairy Tale
on 10 March 2010

The performer is a “Stepford wife,” a housewife who is baking a cake in her “kitchen” while a radio plays a song “Tea For Two.” She decorates the plastic cake and tries to find out what the perfect cake needs to look like. She wants to show off her cake but cannot put her shoes on as they have been filled with spaghetti. She asks audience for help.


Shreddy Bear
by banished? productions
at Opening of Desirable Fairy Tale
on 10 March 2010

There will be only one female performer in this piece. The performer displays the parts from an old teddy bear and places those parts on top of roomba vacuum robots. The vacuum robots roam the gallery freely. The performer interacts with audience to give them pieces of the teddy bear. As the performer grows older, she remembers the teddy bear and wants it back. She tries to capture the large pieces of teddy bear to sew them back together.