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Korean Cultural Center (Formal KORUS House)

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The Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. is located in the capital of the U.S. and is a hub of communication between Koreans and Americans. As a worldwide cultural center, it emphasizes activities and events that contribute to understanding of Korea and Korean culture at a deeper level.

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In response to the increasing demand for greater public awareness of Korean culture, as well as the rise of ‘Hallyu’, the Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. offers diverse programs that give people an opportunity to first-handedly experience Korea and Korean culture.

Korean Cultural Center, Embassy of the Republic of Korea
2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20008
Tel: 1 202 939 5688


banished? productions

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banished? productions is an avant-pop performance company that generates immersive interdisciplinary art experiences for all, to re-create wonder and re-awaken the senses. It is committed to producing quality work that cull from multiple artistic expressions, particularly in performative experiments that play with text and form. banished? strives to inspire and collaborate with other artists in order to fuel its own artistic process: re-discovering and re-inventing the art of narration.