Curatorial Essay

Curatorial Essay


Ordinary Negotiation

By Ade Darmawan & Jeong-ok Jeon

Ordinary Negotiation is an international exchange exhibition of contemporary art featuring five Korean and five Indonesian artists of new media. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relation between Korea and Indonesia, this exhibition of contemporary artist of the two nations, and enable local audiences to benefit from encountering art in everyday life by providing dynamic-specific installation displayed in public space.

Ordinary Negotiation focuses on various phenomena around “cultural exchange” that is initially driven by one’s curiosity about the unknown, which then leads to the development of a balanced interaction between two cultures. Apart from mere notion of cultural exchange, this exhibition also pays close attention to the notion of “negotiation” that is often perceive at grand level as in business and politics, yet, in actually more often attempted in ordinary life settings. As the tittle suggest, this exhibition redefines and emphasizes the notion of negotiation as not only a mundane activity stimulating tension and desire arose during the exchanging progress, but also an essential process to reach a mutual understanding between different cultures.

Showcasing works of various media such as installation, object, performance, video and animation, this exhibition looks into the three core principles that enable a vibrant cultural exchange to be possible between Korea and Indonesia, which include Pop Culture, Commodity and Diaspora, and demonstrates how these principles are presented in contemporary arts.