The Skin Sound

By Hak Seung Lee

The Skin Sound is a single channel video by a Korean contemporary artist, Hak Seung Lee and a part of his performance series, Catching the Sound in the Air created in 2003.

In Catching the Sound in the Air, Lee wearing a physician’s gown with a stethoscope, makes a sound by scratching the surfaces of the various objects such as a human body and a glass window with a turntable needle that is attached to the head of stethoscope. Inside the stethoscope is a microphone installed, and thus the scratched surface sound is amplified in real time.

In The Skin Sound, Lee is mainly searching for the latent sound of a human body. Through discovering the sound that is beyond the typical, Lee strives to make the viewer recognize his/her perception and response to the sound and aware of the existence of the unfamiliar sound.

Duration: 2’30”